How are digital devices and artificial intelligence affecting relationships of trust? Considering that new technologies are increasingly shaping our social behaviour, building trust between stakeholders is a major practical challenge. But what is trust ? It will be shown that trust is not a type of knowledge or belief, but a relationship with the world (with things, persons, institutions) grounded in a bet on behavioral expectations. The problem is that our technological world bypasses trust by installing secured relations with the world. This has huge anthropological and societal consequences. 

— Pr. Mark Hunyadi

Mark Hunyadi is a professor of moral, social and political philosophy at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) since 2007, and an associate researcher at IMT/Télécom Paris. Member of the chair Values and Policies of Personal Information of IMT/Télécom. Member of the Orange Ethics Committee (France). His work focuses on fundamental as well as applied ethics, in a critical perspective. His most famous books are Je est un clone (2004), L’Homme en contexte (2012), La Tyrannie des modes de vie (2015). He just wrote a book about trust (Au début est la confiance, 2020).